Smoked Meats (1 pound serves 3 adults ) Seasoned with our Appalachia House Rub, our smoked meats come with our Appalachia Red ( mild or spicy ) and Appalachia Gold BBQ sauces served on the side. Our Chicken Wings and Thighs are available with a mild or spicy sauce. *add applicable taxes to all pricing.
Brisket per pound $22.00
Pulled Pork per pound $16.00
Pulled Chicken per pound $16.00
Chicken Wings (24-hour notice)
Chicken Thighs (24-hour notice) each $2.50

Make it a Sandwich!

per dozen $12.00

Baby Back Ribs

per rack $25.00
Sides Each of our sides are made in-house and priced per person
Coleslaw per person $2.50
Roasted Potatoes (24-hour notice) per person $2.50
Baked Beans per person $2.50
BBQ Sauces

Our Appalachia Red BBQ Sauce

Our Appalachia Gold BBQ Sauce


Our Appalachia House Rub

Our Signature Appalachia Dry Rub

* Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice and are displayed for informational purposes only.

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